7 Questions to Ask a Business Plan

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I have been running responsive web development workshops in London now for a few months and many types of people have come through the door. Some seem keen on taking their training further some not so. So I had to think about some things about whether a career in web development is right for individuals, I have created a series of questions you can ask yourself…

Do you like solving problems?

I believe everyone at some levels like solving problems it is ultimately what the human brain is for. However, some people when faced with insanely complex problems can become irritated or frustrated. When it comes to web development the problems can be very abstract. What do you think about the browser? do you think about what is going on server-side on the webserver? or is this a database issue? The layers involved can sometimes really become daunting. The solution to solving problems of this type of complexity is to look into each area carefully and try and understand as much as possible the different layers.

So do you like solving problems? develop web applications? like making stuff up? or do you prefer making things boring?

There is no right or wrong answer but you need to decide what you want to do.

Do you like making things dull? Making things black and white has always been what I have done and I enjoy doing this too. It’s fun sifting out the significance of certain things and just how much I can manipulate information to make an interesting website.

Do you like making things stylish? strap gate technologies and animated logos are cool but they can be interpreted in many different ways. Who knows maybe you might have a site that looks like some BETA iPod with flash up top and off you go.

Do you like sites simple? maybe behavioral targeting and segmentation are the things you just like things that are clean and don’t have too many moving parts.

Do you like company culture? remember what your company culture means and what it means for the people who work there.

Can you work well on a team? working as a team is critical. If you can’t work well on a team then you probably need to make sure there is a change.

Can you interact well with people? he needs to be able to interact well with people he or she is working with. Be sure to involve them and not just run by text on your way to work.

How do you handle problems on your team? Perform good quality reviews of your team members, make sure you explain the situation to them, and give them feedback on it. It will make your team more accountable and will be keeping you on your toes.

How do you handle technical problems in your office? Are you just going through the motions? Do you really want to show the tech whose problem is?

Do you provide updates on new technology? usually, technology is released at a very slow rate in order to ensure it is affordable and easier to implement. If you haven’t set up formal support yet for the new technology you really should. Formal training should be given to at least the pronounced amount of members of your team. You should also inform the entire team what virus protection they should be using.

How do you communicate with your team? Do you voice communicate or Messenger? Why is this important for your team?.

Do you provide enough training for your team members? Do you have the proper knowledge of the said applications? Is there enough training for your members that you can help them with their daily duties?

How do you get new people to come into your team? Is there a mentoring program that is provided to new members the moment they join your team? Is it for their own guidance or for your own training?

How do you ensure that team members are being trained according to the latest industry knowledge? Do you have an in-house training coordinator or do you rely on outside training?

How do you make sure that team members are working as a team and following a schedule that is suitable for your team members’ schedules? Is there a need to moonlight employees?

If you can answer these questions for the organization’s needs related to Information Technology your organization will have success in implementing new Information technology.

With these seven questions, we can now prepare a business plan for the Integration of New Technologies.

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